lining and boning…

Hello ladies, today was another one of my lovely days off spent sewing, I dont mean that as a bad thing either. So Saturday as my previous post stated I bought lining and boning so today I started with that.

First off, Colleen. Basically all I had to do was remake the same bodice top in the lining fabric…

Colleen's liningThe boning is what keep the fabric stiff and upright so the strapless dresses have it, its plastic…


Then I took the two tops of the dress (one lining, one fabric) and put them with the right sides of the fabric together and sewed around the top..

Lining all sewn in!

Then all I had to do was inside out it and iron it and it looks beautiful isnide and outside. And yes Colleens lining is blue not black, I just though the blue looked cool 🙂 SO the correct way it basically looks the same but with more structure cause of the boning!


After this I started to make the sash/belt for Colleen, which was incredibly easy, just cut two strips of fabric and sewed them together..


Next I moved onto Alisons dress. Again, pretty easy, just remade the bodice and then sewed it together to get…

inside of bodice top

And then the front view..

YAY! Not too bad, again I’m not sewing the tops to the skirts just cause it will be easier to fit like this. Then onto Alain’s, which was a pain. I couldn’t get it quite right and it took awhile to get it right but it finally happened.

How the pieces will attach

That picture looks extra shiny but this is how all the pieces will eventually go together after I attached the lining and boning.

Alains dress

So the top is all sewn together and then shown with the skirt here on what the finished product will look like. Strangely there isn’t a whole lot I did but it took about 6 hours to do haha.

Anyways, I’ll fit you ladies with these and then continue on attaching them to the skirts and finishing them up and then starting Katie’s, Jamie’s, and mine 🙂



more to come this week…

So just wanted to let you all know I bought the lining for your dresses on Saturday as well as some boning (stiff piping that goes in the bodice to help the dress stay up) for the girls with strapless dresses, which is almost all of you lol. So since I have that and that is the next step in your dresses I will be doing that on my day off tomorrow (Tuesday). Laurie is hoping we can all get together Sunday morning to fit these as well as discuss wedding stuff. You’ll get a text/email from her soon about it!

Anyways, check back tomorrow night for some more advancements!

having 3 days off accomplishes a lot….

Hello ladies. I know it has been awhile since I posted anything interesting on here but this week I had a major breakthrough. First I hope everyone had a good valentines day. Second, I had Tuesday through Thursday off from work this week so I pulled out the sewing machine and got to work on three of the dresses: Colleen, Alain, and Alison. Jamie and Katie I haven’t begun yours yet because Katie, obv. and Jamie you said you were trying to lose weight and blah blah blah so I’m waiting about another month to begin yours because I know it will be easier to make and this way it should be better fitted for you.

So I started with Colleens dress since hers is in black fabric so I didnt have to lug out the 14 yards, and about 20 pds. of blue fabric (which in my kitchen tends to look purple and freak Laurie out, lol). So Colleen came first and I cut all her pieces from the fabric.

Colleens pieces

Then I started sewing together the bodice, which, all of the stitching is done in a baste stitch meaning that the length of each stitch is fairly large so that if it is to big or small its easier to remove the stitches but when I get it fitted to your girls I’ll be going over it in smaller tighter stitches.

Much to small for me!

Colleens dress!

Now I needed a break from all this and in case Colleen needs a Halloween idea she can be, dananananananana….


Don’t mind my face. But anywho, If you couldnt tell from the picture, none of your ladies dresses have the tops and bottoms sewn together becasue I am adding lining to them so they are thicker and hold up better I just have yet to buy it yet. Also for fitting purposes it will be easier to do in two parts. And I will be sending Colleen a message soon on facebook to ask if if she would like a peekaboo bit of blue fabric at the bottom of her skirt and perhaps a blue sash that ties in a bow around the waist… On to Alison!!!

Alison’s dress was also quite easy to do much like Colleens. Alison is having a one shoulder dress for those of you who don’t know. Got all her pieces cut out and ready to go…


and skirt

And the full affect….


Ok thats not the best picture but it has a band around your waist to accentuate it and then the bodice top and skirt, again not all sewn together, and again is not my size at all lol. And again, a back up Halloween costume of…..

Spergirl! or Wonderwoman!

Me and Laurie were having too much fun. Anyways also on Alisons skirt, which every girl will have on there’s are tiny little pleats to give the skirt some movement,

Close uo of the pleat at top

Its nothing major but ya know. And now for Alain. Her’s was more difficult mostly because I made the pattern myself and it turned out, well, large. And I mean large for ME, let alone tiny Alain. So Laurie helped me tweak it a bit.

Happy Helper

And it came out in a much more reasonable size, so today I got to cutting that, (I cut her skirt yesterday, skirts are easy!) and couldnt do too much with hers becasue again I needed to line it first. However I did get to try out my new Perfect Pleater. Her dress has some ruching on it (gathering on the sides) so I decided to sue my perfect pleater to help get some nice even ruching going)

Alain's top pieces


So anyways I couldn’t sew any of her top without the lining but here’s a layout of it, which Alain’s yours will also have a band around your waist too, I know you wanted that and I ran into a little problem and that just so happened to solve it!

Bodice for Alain

And then her skirt as well….


SO ya, thats pretty much what I accomplished. It doesnt seem like a lot but it is. And if you were wondering, the skirts all look a little long in the pictures on ME and I’m taller than pretty much all of you, that’s just how the pattern worked out in length but when I fit you girls I will shorten it to the correct length so don’t worry. Also every dress has a zipper cause this isn’t particularly stretchy material. Some of you will have zippers up the back or the side but they will be what is called and invisible zipper which basically means you can barely barely see it. However I will probably be ordering those online from Mood fabrics I(ya the project runway store) because no fabric stores around here have a good blue color. But zippers are very very last to do so I’ve got time.

As for these three ladies I will need to have you over for a fitting sometime in the next two week so I can keep moving along with these so let me know when you are free, will take only an hour tops! Anyways hope you enjoyed! Should post again next week once I get lining and add to your dresses! Have a wonderful weekend!

patterns made!

SO ladies, I have Alain, Alison, Colleen, and Jamie’s patterns all made and ready to go! Might I say that I extremely lucked out on the fact that Colleen and Alain are about the same size and getting similar dresses which helped reduce pattern making/cutting. and designing for me! Same with Jamie’s, I already had her size pattern for her almost identical dress cut out so all I’ll have to do is add the over the shoulder part for hers. I found a good picture to resemble what Colleens will look like (minus the rhinestone thing):

Colleens dress (idea)

and then I believe I will have mine look something like this:

Yes, that is Brooke and Peyton at Haleys wedding from One Tree Hill. For Christmas I got this perfect pleater which helps you create perfect pleats and when I got it these dresses immediately came to my mind so I think I’ll take this route!

Anyways, should have some more stuff up next week when I actually start some mock ups of your ladies dresses.

got em

So I just got back from New York tuesday, hence the absentee of posts. But today Colleen stopped by so I could get her measurements and an idea of what dress she would like so this weekend I will start her patterns and then on Sunday, same goes for miss Jamie. Only less than 4 months so I gotta get started!

flower purse

Came across a DIY blog the other day ( and decided to give that bag she made a whirl.

While i coudlnt find the right red flowers I did find pretty purple ones and used them, took awhile to get the hang of it but it looks good.

not too shabby right?? possibly making it into my suitcase for New York in January!

Making Laurie a yellow tomorrow possibly!


Black Swan premiere

Just browsing the internet where I came across pictures of Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis at the premiere of their new movie Black Swan (creepy looking stalker movie about ballet dancers)…however they look stunning in their dresses:

Black Swan Premiere