Pictures of dress shopping!

So as i mentioned, we went wedding dress shopping Friday morning and it was a success. Took many many photos of Laurie in about ten different dresses so I’m posting them for you to see, except the one she got cause we can’t risk Curtis seeing it. Enjoy!

Dress #1 (one of our top 3 faves)  












Dress # 2 (pretty but not quite formal enough) 










Dress #3: (very grecian goddess but a little too revealing)








Dress #4: (very pretty and elegant) 



Dress #5 -below (one of our other faves, very much reminded me of Haley’s dres in Season 3 of OTH )











Dress #6: (lacy and pretty but the fit wasn’t exactly right) 







Dress #7 aka THE DRESS: Sorry, no pictures for this one! I took about ten cause it’s super gorgeous but can’t risk Curtis seeing it!

Onto Dress #8: (not so great, weird fake tiering on the bottom) 







And Lastly, Dress #9 (we all loved this last one too but not as much as the one she ended up getting) 


One response to “Pictures of dress shopping!

  1. Dress #6 is ugly!! Lol.

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