Welcome to my bridesmaids blog. As most of you know my sister, Laurie, is getting married in June and I will be making the bridesmaids dresses as well as one for the grromswomen. I made this blog to document my process in making all these dresses so the bridesmaids, and whomever wishes, can follow along and watch the process of their dress being made! I’ll be posting stuff hopefully at least twice a week starting now since I do need them done by May. So I hope you enjoy, and bridesmaids please leave comments letting me know how you like your dress, or not, etc.

In addition to the making of these dresses I’ll also be posting about stuff that I enjoy relating to fashion, and these dresses. Whether or not I have new ideas for the dresses, liked something in a magazine, found a good sale, as well as some updates on wedding planning.  Hope you all enjoy!



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