Meet the Ladies

So first and foremost, the bride and groom:  






Then me, Stella. Maid Of Honor:

(I am still currently undecided on what style dress I will be wearing, but once i know, you’ll know!)





Here’s Ms. Alain: 

(Dress Idea Below)













And Ms. Alison: 


(Dress Idea Below)










And Ms. Katie: 

(Dress Idea Not Pictured: She knows what she wants I just haven’t found a sufficient picture of it to show!)


And Ms. Jamie: 

(Dress Idea Below)













And then we have Ms. Colleen, who will actually be a grooms women and will be wearing black as opposed to blue. 

(Dress Idea Not Pictured- Still need to discuss with her what she would like since this a fairly new change.)





We also have our Jr. Bridesmaid Madalyn (Age 10) who’s mother will be making her dress but I still felt I should mention her!


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