Patterns for Alain and Alison….

So I had work today at 11:45 and when i got there my manager goes, “we have too many servers on today, would you like to go home?” my reply “heck yea!” So a half hour after leaving for work I returned home and thought to myself, “make patterns!” So behold, the bodice(top) patterns for miss Alain and miss Alison, and the skirt pattern for ALL the girls, so they’re identical. Now I realize looking at these you guys will be bored, but these took me like 3 hours to do so its harder than it looks!

Now with the start of Alains, to get that wonderful ruching affect on her boobies I combined these two patterns: 






And then combined them into this:

thick sides to leave room for gathers







Then for Alisons I started by using my slopers (the big cardboard looking things/made last December in my pattern making class) to trace out a basic pattern and morph it into a one shoulder design:

Then it gets transformed into a nice neat pattern I can read:






Then the back of it:





And the finished product:





And then here are the skirts that all the girls will be wearing:













And that’s what I accomplished today, doesn’t look like much but it is the foundation of the dress basically! I also have Friday off so I will be doing more then cause I need to fit as much in as possible before NY in January!


Shopping adventures…

So i went shopping this week and bought some super cute stuff including these 2 coats for NY that were half off!!!! the red one totally reads Blair Waldorf to me 🙂

and mine (for a fraction of the cost im sure):

heres a close up of the detail:  





Then I also got this plaid one: 





I also got 2 cute skirts for less then 20$, floral-JCPenney, tweed-Gap











Well that’s it! Oh and the dress patterns will be started next week however sewing will not be for awhile cause my machine is at the shop getting a little tune up!

Pictures of dress shopping!

So as i mentioned, we went wedding dress shopping Friday morning and it was a success. Took many many photos of Laurie in about ten different dresses so I’m posting them for you to see, except the one she got cause we can’t risk Curtis seeing it. Enjoy!

Dress #1 (one of our top 3 faves)  












Dress # 2 (pretty but not quite formal enough) 










Dress #3: (very grecian goddess but a little too revealing)








Dress #4: (very pretty and elegant) 



Dress #5 -below (one of our other faves, very much reminded me of Haley’s dres in Season 3 of OTH )











Dress #6: (lacy and pretty but the fit wasn’t exactly right) 







Dress #7 aka THE DRESS: Sorry, no pictures for this one! I took about ten cause it’s super gorgeous but can’t risk Curtis seeing it!

Onto Dress #8: (not so great, weird fake tiering on the bottom) 







And Lastly, Dress #9 (we all loved this last one too but not as much as the one she ended up getting) 

Dress shopping!!!

OK, so haven’t done much with the dresses, and by much I mean anything lol but I had a midterm to study for so yeah. Anywho, tomorrow Laurie, my mom, and I are going to Bridal Mart to do some dress shopping!!!! They are going out of business and are having a pretty good sale so yay! I’ll be sure to post pictures though of her in the gowns for you all to see!! Have a good weekend!


Welcome to my bridesmaids blog. As most of you know my sister, Laurie, is getting married in June and I will be making the bridesmaids dresses as well as one for the grromswomen. I made this blog to document my process in making all these dresses so the bridesmaids, and whomever wishes, can follow along and watch the process of their dress being made! I’ll be posting stuff hopefully at least twice a week starting now since I do need them done by May. So I hope you enjoy, and bridesmaids please leave comments letting me know how you like your dress, or not, etc.

In addition to the making of these dresses I’ll also be posting about stuff that I enjoy relating to fashion, and these dresses. Whether or not I have new ideas for the dresses, liked something in a magazine, found a good sale, as well as some updates on wedding planning.  Hope you all enjoy!