lining and boning…

Hello ladies, today was another one of my lovely days off spent sewing, I dont mean that as a bad thing either. So Saturday as my previous post stated I bought lining and boning so today I started with that.

First off, Colleen. Basically all I had to do was remake the same bodice top in the lining fabric…

Colleen's liningThe boning is what keep the fabric stiff and upright so the strapless dresses have it, its plastic…


Then I took the two tops of the dress (one lining, one fabric) and put them with the right sides of the fabric together and sewed around the top..

Lining all sewn in!

Then all I had to do was inside out it and iron it and it looks beautiful isnide and outside. And yes Colleens lining is blue not black, I just though the blue looked cool 🙂 SO the correct way it basically looks the same but with more structure cause of the boning!


After this I started to make the sash/belt for Colleen, which was incredibly easy, just cut two strips of fabric and sewed them together..


Next I moved onto Alisons dress. Again, pretty easy, just remade the bodice and then sewed it together to get…

inside of bodice top

And then the front view..

YAY! Not too bad, again I’m not sewing the tops to the skirts just cause it will be easier to fit like this. Then onto Alain’s, which was a pain. I couldn’t get it quite right and it took awhile to get it right but it finally happened.

How the pieces will attach

That picture looks extra shiny but this is how all the pieces will eventually go together after I attached the lining and boning.

Alains dress

So the top is all sewn together and then shown with the skirt here on what the finished product will look like. Strangely there isn’t a whole lot I did but it took about 6 hours to do haha.

Anyways, I’ll fit you ladies with these and then continue on attaching them to the skirts and finishing them up and then starting Katie’s, Jamie’s, and mine 🙂



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