patterns made!

SO ladies, I have Alain, Alison, Colleen, and Jamie’s patterns all made and ready to go! Might I say that I extremely lucked out on the fact that Colleen and Alain are about the same size and getting similar dresses which helped reduce pattern making/cutting. and designing for me! Same with Jamie’s, I already had her size pattern for her almost identical dress cut out so all I’ll have to do is add the over the shoulder part for hers. I found a good picture to resemble what Colleens will look like (minus the rhinestone thing):

Colleens dress (idea)

and then I believe I will have mine look something like this:

Yes, that is Brooke and Peyton at Haleys wedding from One Tree Hill. For Christmas I got this perfect pleater which helps you create perfect pleats and when I got it these dresses immediately came to my mind so I think I’ll take this route!

Anyways, should have some more stuff up next week when I actually start some mock ups of your ladies dresses.


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